Secure backpack

When RiutBag is on your back, no one can open it. The zips and access points are securely and simply protected by your back. You have peace of mind knowing your valuables in your backpack are safe.

Best selling RiutBag R15.3

RiutBag is a smart black backpack for work, commuting and daily international travel. It carries up to a 15 inch laptop. RiutBag is designed for data security, peace of mind and mental focus in the city.

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This anti-theft backpack design has no locks. So how does it work? All the zips and access points are against your back. That means no one can get in without you knowing. Simple. 

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Built to last

RiutBag designer and founder, Sarah, checks each backpack personally at the factory before it is sent to you. She chooses the best materials and controls every stage of manufacture to build high quality backpacks for herRiutBag users.

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Funded on Kickstarter

In 2014, Sarah Giblin left her job to prototype. Over 2500 people crowdfunded the backwards backpack on Kickstarter. Now other companies have followed her lead, building a new market for secure backwards backpacks.

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Everyday travel bag

RiutBag R15.3 is the best selling secure laptop backpack. Travel smart to work or use it at the weekend. It is designed to to smart enough for work yet casual enough for downtime.

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Laptop bag for men

Meet the fully adjustable secure laptop backpack. It's your week day commuter bag and your max-carry on travel bag for holidays.

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Funded by 2,500 backers

This simple, secure design was the first anti-theft backpack to bring this innovation to the urban travel market. RiutBag is user-driven design created on Kickstarter.

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Laptop bag for women

RiutBag is fully adjustable to a wide range of body sizes. Travel smart and secure on the commute or for international travel.

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Urban travel bag

Feel confident travelling in any city in the world with the secure backwards backpack RiutBag.

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One bag to rule them all

The RiutBag X25 is fully adjustable. It folds down to a compact laptop backpack and expands to be a max carry on travel bag.

RiutBag X25 design features

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