RiutBag is the secure backwards backpack: all zips are hidden against your back. Forget about theft and loss. Enjoy every second of your travels.


When this backpack is on, your back it's a sealed unit to everyone else. No locks, no tricks on this backpack. You can open your RiutBag quickly and easily using the zip. 


RiutBag is a black work backpack designed for professional use and the commute. It carries up to a 15 inch laptop. The RiutBag is designed for data security and mental focus in the city.

Created with Kickstarter

In 2014, Sarah Giblin left her job to prototype and crowdfund the backwards backpack on Kickstarter. Since then other companies have followed her lead, building a new market for secure backwards backpacks.

Highest quality

Sarah Giblin, designer and founder, checks each RiutBag personally at the factory before it is sent to you. She controls every stage of manufacture to build the highest quality backpacks for RiutBag users.

Revolution in user thinking

Riut, pronounced "riot", stands for Revolution in user thinking. This describes the RiutBag, revolved by 180 degrees to hide the zips against your back. It's also Sarah's design philosophy which puts her users first.

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