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RiutBag FAQ: Frequently asked questions

RiutBag basics

What is an anti theft backpack? What is a secure RiutBag?

RiutBag is the safe backpack for commuting and city travel: work or leisure. Its hidden zips and opening are protected, very simply, by your back. There is no way for the pWhat is a RiutBag?erson behind you to open it when you wear the RiutBag. It gives peace of mind and confidence to the city traveller in busy urban spaces: metros, subways, queues, escalators and lifts. The concept and every detail on the RiutBag is designed by Sarah Giblin, Riut’s founder.

How do you say "RiutBag"?

Riut is pronounced "riot" and it stands for Revolution in user thinking. RiutBag revolved the traditional backpack by 180 degrees to get the zips positioned against your back for secure city travel.

Revolution in user thinking - or Riut for short - is the name of the company behind the RiutBag and the designer's positive and disruptive design philosophy that says we, users of every day objects, can spot the problems in the world, have a better idea and go and make it happen. 

Which materials is the RiutBag made from?

RiutBag X35 and R15.4 are seucre laptop backpacks made from waterproof 1000D Cordura nylon and TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) on the base. All its zips are made by YKK, the world's leading zip manufacturer. Cordura is a well known, durable material used in the world’s best backpack brands. TPU is a special material usually found in car belts, footwear and bike helmets. TPU is an anti-abrasive, high performance plastic which can handle extremely high and low temperatures. This is at the base of your RiutBag. Why? So no holes appear in the base of your backpack in the years to come and it protects your belongings - especially your laptop.

Is this backpack vegan?

Yes, there are no animal products used in the materials we use. The RiutBag laptop backpack is made entirely from durable synthetic materials, from the outer materials to the thread, adhesives, glues and buckles. 

How is a RiutBag made?

Each RiutBag is handmade at sewing machines by professionals with years of experience making backpacks. The factory is in a town called Hui'an, Fujian province in southern China. Sarah Giblin, Riut's founder, checks each RiutBag personally at the factory before they are shipped. 

How do I wash my backpack? Is the RiutBag machine washable?

All laptop RiutBags are made from a washable nylon Cordura. RiutBag Crush is made from ripstop nylon. Use a damp cloth to remove individual stains inside or outside the RiutBag. 

Do not use detergent or softener - this will break down the waterproofing materials in your RiutBag and remove the protective seal on the base on laptop RiutBags. The colour of the material may change when wet; the colour will return to normal when dried naturally. 

Cordura and ripstop nylon RiutBags are machine washable and you can use the spin dry option. If using a washing machine for light / medium staining wash the RiutBag on a short, cool wash - 30 C / 90 F for 15 minutes. For heavy staining all over the RiutBag, the maximum temperature the RiutBag can handle is 40 C / 104 F. 

Size, laptop dimensions, colours, designs

See each product page for the specific details about the size. Here is some general information.

Can I carry the RiutBag on board a plane?

RiutBags are build for city travel, including airline travel. RiutBag Crush is an accepted "small bag" on virtually all flights. The X35 is the RiutBag built for maximum carry-on dimensions of 50x35x25cm. This travel blog provides the world's carry on sizes in one page [link here].

How much does the RiutBag weigh?

See each product page for the specific details about the specific RiutBags. Here is some general information.

RiutBag Crush is 230 grams. RiutBag R15.4 is 1.23 kg; RiutBag X35 is 1.34 kg. RiutBag laptop backpacks - X35, R15.4- are made to be sturdy, comfortable backpacks which can take the strain of the daily commute or international travel for years. Extra padding, durable materials and quality parts protect your technology and belongings in the long run.

What size laptop can a RiutBag hold?

RiutBag R15.4 and X35 are secure backpacks built with infrastructure and protection for laptop and tech. Check the product page for each model to see the maximum laptop size which fits inside.

All RiutBag laptop bags fit up to 13" laptop. Only RiutBag X35 fits up to 15.6" laptop. 

RiutBag X35 and R15.4 are designed to hold 11 inch, 13 inch and up to certain sized 15 inch laptops. They also have well padded compartment for laptop and second compartment for a medium or large tablet. The RiutBag laptop compartment is designed so no laptop cover is required. 

RiutBags in different colours? Do you make different designs?

RiutBags are currently only available in black. Why? RiutBag is designed to be a smart and inconspicuous urban backpack. This way you can carry your valuables securely, unnoticed and with peace of mind in the world's busiest cities. All available models are displayed on the website.

If you would like to see more designs, please complete this survey. You can share all the challenges you would like an urban backpack to meet. I use this data to prototype new RiutBags every year:


RiutBag price, shipping and payment methods

How much does the RiutBag cost?

See each product page for the specific details about the RiutBag X35, RiutBag Crush, RiutBag Sling and our other products

Where can I buy a RiutBag? Can I buy a RiutBag on Amazon or Ebay?

RiutBag is sold exclusively on this website, www.riut.co.uk. RiutBags are not for sale on Amazon. From time to time, when RiutBag users upgrade to a new model, they do put their 1st or 2nd edition RiutBags on Ebay! You might be lucky and find one there.

Does the RiutBag ship globally?

We currently ship only to United Kingdom addresses. To order and have your RiutBag parcel sent to a country outside the United Kingdom, you can use a forwarding company such as https://forwardvia.com/

1) Set up a free account and confirm your email address

2) You'll be given a United Kingdom address

3) Order your RiutBag to that address and they will forward it to you 

How much does shipping or postage cost?

Shipping to your address depends on the number of RiutBags you order and how far you are from England. If you order two or more RiutBags, this is likely to reduce the shipping per item. To find out the total cost of your order plus shipping, add your RiutBags to the shopping cart and go through to the payment page. You will be able to see, and amend, the total cost for your order before you pay.

How can I pay for the RiutBag? Can I trust www.riut.co.uk? Is payment secure?

This website and your payment are secure. When you pay here, your payment is processed by Shopify and Stripe payments. The secure online payment gateway company manages this payment securely with your bank so your bank details are at no point shared with Riut or anyone else.

You can now pay for your RiutBag order securely simply and quickly with Apple, Google Pay and Paypal, as well as your debit and credit cards. 


How to order, delivery times, tracking

How can I order a RiutBag?

View and choose the number of each RiutBag model you would like on its order page. Your total order of RiutBags will be collected in your shopping cart in the top right hand corner of the website. When you are ready, click on the shopping bag icon, click view cart and move through to the address and payment page. 

Where can I buy a RiutBag? Can I buy a RiutBag on Amazon or Ebay?

RiutBag is sold exclusively on this website, www.riut.co.uk. Visit this site to find all current available models. RiutBags are not for sale on Amazon. From time to time, when RiutBag users upgrade to a new model, they do put their 1st or 2nd edition RiutBags on Ebay! You might be lucky and find one there :)

When will pre-ordered RiutBags ship?

Our new production is due to be shipped from the UK in October 2023.

Pre-ordered RiutBags are due to be posted from England in the month stated for dispatch on the product page. We'll contact you to let you know when your RiutBag parcel has been dispatched when your tracking email arrives.

How long does delivery take?

From the time of dispatch, delivery times are:

We have two United Kingdom delivery speeds: 

Standard: 3-4 business days

Express: 1-3 business days

How can I track my RiutBag order?

After dispatch from England, you will be sent a tracking link by email. Please ensure you enter the correct email address so you receive this message. If you are looking for an alternative tracking system, you can copy and paste your tracking number into this website:

Please note: due to a disruption in the DHL international postal service, I am currently unable to send parcels to Russia. You may find that using an alternative service to buy goods in the UK will help such as alfaparcel.com


Problems, returns, repairs

It is Riut's responsibility to supply you with goods which are as described on www.riut.co.uk. If there is a fault with your RiutBag, you are entitled to receive a replacement or a full refund including shipping. Since all customers’ issues are unique, we will work with you to find the right solution to the problem you have encountered.

What if there is a problem with my RiutBag?

If there is a problem with your RiutBag due to fault in the manufacture we will replace it, offer repair or provide a full refund. Please contact us at answers@riut.co.uk. We will ask for a photo of the problem, take a close look and reply with the next steps to put the situation right.

What if there's no problem, but I would like to return it?

This is a summary of our returns policy. Write to us at answers@riut.co.uk with your email confirmation or order number.

Up to 14 days after receiving your RiutBag: Customers have the right to a 14 day cooling off period to decide to return unused items bought online for a full refund under the distance selling rules. If you contact us within 14 days of receiving your RiutBag, we will refund the price of the RiutBag and the original shipping cost you paid.

Standard policy

Up to 30 days after receiving your RiutBag: You may return a RiutBag that has not been used up to 30 days after your received it for a refund of the RiutBag but not your shipping costs.

30 days or more after receipt: After 30 days, we do not provide refunds.

In all cases, you are responsible for the cost of returning the RiutBag to us. Please contact us to arrange return of your RiutBag via the contact pageIf you have not paid for shipping, and you would like to return your RiutBag, there will be no refund of your shipping costs. You are responsible for the cost of the return shipping.

How can I return my unused RiutBag?

The returns method changes from time to time as we update our service. Please check your order confirmation email, or this page for the current returns method.

Contact us with your order number at answers@riut.co.uk to let us know you would like to return the RiutBag. We will reply with the relevant return method for your order.

Please return the RiutBag in a suitable packaging so it is not damaged in the postal system. Suitable packaging is the original packaging, a similarly strong polymailing bag or a box.

When will I get a refund?

Once the RiutBag has been received and checked, which takes up to 10 days, we will send the correct refund amount. Depending on your bank, this will arrive in your bank account in the next 5 to 10 days.