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What is a RiutBag? Overview 2024

RiutBag is a brand of backpack designed with a unique security concept. "Riut" stands for "Revolution in User Thinking," and the backpacks are known for their innovative features aimed at enhancing security and usability for urban travellers.

The creator, Sarah Giblin, designed the backpack with inbuilt security so frequent commuters can focus on the purpose of their journey, not potential theft.

Some key features of RiutBag include:

  1. Backward-facing zip design: Unlike traditional backpacks, the RiutBag features all its zippers and openings against the wearer's back. Zips cannot be left open by accident. The zips are not accessible to the person standing behind you in a queue or crowd. 

  2. Anti-theft design: The backward-facing design adds a layer of security, as it prevents unauthorised access to the bag's compartments while you're wearing it in crowded areas or public transportation. By putting the RiutBag on your back, the zips are automatically secure for every journey.

  3. Laptop focus: The RiutBag R15 and X35 structure is built around the laptop compartment. Holding a laptop securely, with fully padded and zipped protection, as well as being easily accessible for the wearer is central to the design.

  4. Comfortable and ergonomic: RiutBag is designed for comfort during long commutes or travels, with padded shoulder straps, a padded back panel, and ergonomic design elements to distribute weight evenly like chest strap and optional waist strap.

  5. Durable and water-resistant: RiutBag is made from high-quality materials that are durable and water-resistant, offering protection for your belongings in various weather conditions. The key materials in the RiutBag R15.4 and X35 is the Cordura shell with reinforced thermoplastic polyurethane base. The RiutBag Crush has a lightweight ripstop nylon. 

  6. Variety of sizes and styles: RiutBag comes in various sizes and styles to suit different needs, from an ultra light daypacks to compact daily commuter backpacks to larger carry-on airline backpacks.

  7. Black minimalist design: Black backpacks are considered most practical by daily commuters and international travellers. They do not stain easily in the city, they look smart and go with most outfits.

Overall, RiutBag is popular among urban commuters and travellers who prioritise function, tech security, comfort, and innovative design in their backpacks. RiutBag is built with direct user feedback so the designs continue to develop over time.

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