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RiutBag competitions 2020

Welcome! Good luck travellers!

Want to be in with the chance of winning a different secure backpack design every month? Choose your preferred social media platform - or take part on all of them - and follow the simple steps to enter. 

Good luck and wishing you safe travels.

Kind regards

Sarah Giblin, RiutBag creator 

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This competition is for all travellers: RiutBag users and people new to the secure travel bag designs by Sarah Giblin at Riut. If you already have a RiutBag, you have the chance of winning back the price of the RiutBag you bought! If you're new to Riut, you have the chance of winning the RiutBag in the competition and it will be sent to your address. 

If you're a winner, you're also allowed to nominate someone else to receive the RiutBag instead - maybe a deserving commuter or traveller you think would love to have a RiutBag.

Enter on each social media platform. That gives you three times the chance of winning! Join us on social media to be with in with a chance of winning a different secure RiutBag travel design every month. Watch out for the new competition post every month on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, take part and the winner will be announced each month.


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