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What is a RiutBag?

RiutBag is the secure backwards backpack for calm city travel. Its simple design means no one can access your backpack when you're wearing it. This means you can travel to work, or explore a new city on holiday, without stress of theft of losing you valuables. You can travel the world with total peace of mind.

What makes RiutBag safer than other backpacks?

On the old-style backpack, there are zips on the outer side. On the RiutBag, the zips have been removed and placed neatly against your back. It's a backwards backpack. Your back protects the zips whenever you wear it. You can stand in a crowded train, a queue or at a festival and forget about the contents of your backpack. 

What is a RiutBag?

Does it actually work?

92% of RiutBag users say: Yes. "RiutBag is safer than other backpacks" and "I now feel safe travelling in busy urban spaces." There's another reason it works: it's just a very simple design. On a RiutBag, you shut your zips centrally. They cannot be accessed when the RiutBag is being worn. There's nothing else to it.

Think about the conventional, old style backpack. When you're wearing it and someone stands behind you, that person can more easily open your backpack than you can. Many of us find ourselves checking our zips if someone bumps into us or its uncomfortable when strangers stand too close to our backpacks. These are all moments when the design on the conventional backpack is adding unnecessary stress to situations we experience every day.

Some backpack users wear their backpacks on their fronts and put locks on their zips. Whilst these are alternatives, really they aren't user friendly. The benefit of a backpack is that you use the strength in your back and down your legs to carry your backpack safely. You also have free space, and hands free, to interact with the world freely. Adding locks is fine, but the beauty of zips is that the open and shut really quickly. When you just want to grab your phone, taking out a set of keys, unlocking your zip, unzipping and then using your phone defeats the point.

The RiutBags gets rid of all these worries and lets you enjoy every second of your travel without suspicion, stress or concern.

Is RiutBag a high quality backpack, aside from the safe design?

Sarah Giblin, RiutBag creator, choses the highest quality materials and components available to build her designs. RiutBag laptop backpacks are made from waterproof Cordura: the durable, anti-abrasive and long-lasting nylon.

"The only material that really made sense for the RiutBag was Cordura. You can feel the difference straight away when you hold it. Using this much more high quality material is more expensive but it means your backpack will have a long lifetime. The base is a thick, waterproof and anti-abrasion thermoplastic polyurethane and the zips are made by the world's leading zips maker, YKK. Everything that goes on into this design is made to last. It's also machine washable up to 40 degrees centigrade so you can take it on every adventure and keep it looking smart for years to come." 

"It fees like companies are trying to make cheaper products these days, with cheaper materials that need replacing quickly: in-built obsolescence. I started out as a backpack user, though, not as a company. And as a user I want a really strong, long lasting, high quality backpack that I rely on for international business travel and if I'm going on an adventure. I use RiutBags every day too. So I need them to be strong and long lasting."

The ever evolving RiutBag design

Since the very start, Sarah Giblin - RiutBag designer - has asked for user feedback and thinking to help her shape the RiutBag. This is what Riut stands for: Revolution in user thinking. When users receive their RiutBag, Sarah asks them for feedback. She revolves all her thinking around her RiutBag users, she removes the things that aren't so great and enhances the things that are. So every production the RiutBag is developing, thanks to the active RiutBag user community.