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Speaker request: Sarah Giblin - RiutBag inventor and designer


If you would like Sarah to create a talk or course for your event, school, or company, please express your interest in this link. 

Sarah Giblin, Riut's founder and CEO, brings surprising energy, playful intellect and refreshing honesty to her talks. She builds a clear structure to share relevant stories from her work to help her audience - school groups and corporate teams - with their critical learning points. 

You can invite Sarah to speak about her startup story. Sarah's specific specialist topics: innovation, creativity, understanding customers and users, self-employment, startup, design, starting a company, manufacture in China, making products, learning from your mistakes, changing careers.

Ideal audiences: school students - girls, boys, mixed - interested in careers, design or economics, university students in entrepreneurship and design, corporate teams who need to be reminded what innovation and creativity are and how simple they can be.