Branded laptop backpacks: employee and client gifts

Businesses globally are choosing RiutBag as a useful, practical and innovative gift for employees and clients. Secure laptop backpack, RiutBag, can be branded for orders between 1000-4000.

Order backpacks for business

Buying options for business:

1) Unbranded RiutBags: Order from the current range of R10.3, R15.3 and X25 RiutBags with next working day dispatch. Pay through the website today. Use discount code RIUT4BUSINESS for 10% discount when ordering 10 or more. 

2) Branded RiutBag with embroidered logo: for orders of 1000-4000 RiutBags, the RiutBag is redesigned with your logo and your production hand made for you. The cost depends on the final design and model chosen. Time scale: approximately 6 months from design confirmation for production of materials, hand making each RiutBag, shipping and delivery.

Branded employee and client Christmas gifts 2018: Orders of 1000-2000 must be confirmed - with design signed off and payment made - by 1 July 2018.


RiutBag for business

This UK designed backpack is exactly the opposite way round from all other backpacks. All the zips are protected securely by your back. This simple solution puts security at the centre of the backpack design, making your backpack a sealed unit to the outside world. The user travels with peace of mind, through the world’s busiest cities without fear of loss or theft.


Security: The RiutBag is secure by default. It adds a new, physical aspect to data security, preventing loss, theft and fear of theft when worn. It reinforces the importance of data security in a technological, mobile world on a daily basis. The design helps employees focus on the task at hand without fear of loss, despite carrying highly confidential client information.

Smart: The design is smart and simple, adding to the professional look of employees and leaving hands free to greet clients with good posture.

Back health in employees: Backpacks distribute weight evenly over both shoulders. Your company will be supporting good back health in the long term for employees who carry laptops and documents for work.

High quality: Each RiutBag is handmade from the highest quality materials, including waterproof Cordura, abrasion-resistent TPU, the best zips in the world made by YKK. Each RiutBag is checked individually by the designer, Sarah Giblin, before they leave the factory.

UK design and innovation: The backwards backpack is a UK design by commuter Sarah Giblin. She had the idea of turning the backpack around whilst on a busy commute 4 years ago. She singled handledly brought the design into existence, crowdfunding the first two productions on Kickstarter. Now RiutBags are used by city commuters around the globe. This is a positive product which people love to speak about. In the right circumstances, the RiutBag acts as an ice breaker and talking point with clients, which gently reinforces your company's commitment to data security and innovation.