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Mask manufacture and supplier during the #Coronacrisis. UK backpack designer steps up to help

I'm a UK textile designer and importer. I'm adapting my existing supply chain to help you respond to the Corona crisis 2020. I have an existing supply chain set up to manufacture, import and deliver masks from China to the rest of the world.

In the last week of the Corona crisis, doctors globally have raised the alarm about mask shortages. Specifically N95 and 3-layer masks with CE marks and ISO 13484 certification. They cannot get enough to their key workers. If this shortage is projected to last for 3 or more months, we can help by starting manufacture of new masks now. 

The minimum production size: 500,000 masks. For health workers seeking smaller quantities, these can only be made in addition to the large order.

Complete this form with your request:


If you foresee an ongoing need for N95 and 3-layer masks in the UK in 3 months, manufacture should start now. The current backlog of orders and shortage of materials to make medical grade masks means the price and length of time to wait for new units will only increase.

The most challenging product to create is the N95. The 3-layer masks are quicker and cost less to make.


This import will use my existing supply chain from China, through customs, via my usual airfreight and seafreight companies and delivered to different addresses in the UK. I do this day in and day out for textiles products. I'm happy to clear my supply chain for this purpose.


I have worked with this Chinese manufacturing group for 6 years as a client. I know the staff on the ground and have an excellent relationship with my production manager who will oversee this. There are many factories creating low quality materials or not shipping at all. I can personally vouch for the existence, experience and great attitude of the people who work at this factory.


Make an order of at least 500,000 N95 masks to start the production. The total production time is 65 days from confirmation of order and payment. However, after 15 days, air freight - at high cost - brings back the first 100,000 masks back to the UK, and these mask can be distributed in the next 30 days. The rest of the  back via seafreight 90-100 days later.


I have the cost per unit today. The prices are fluctuating greatly as the demand for medical grade masks rises globally and the supply of materials to make them is short. I also have quotes for air and sea freight to destinations across the world. My freight company is ready to handle the delivery from factory to your door. 

I usually design and manufacture secure laptop backpacks: called RiutBags, pronounced "riot bags". If I can help with the mask shortage, I'm happy to help during the Corona crisis.

Kind regards

Sarah Giblin

Mask manufacturer during the Corona crisis

Usually RiutBag designer and CEO


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