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Last orders for delivery by 25 December 2019, by region

last online orders Christmas 2019
Hello RiutBag supporters! Getting parcels delivered on time matters at this time of year. All orders made before 08:00am UK time Friday 13 December 2019 will be perfectly on track to arrive before 25 December 2019. Here are the deadlines for orders to safely each region with just enough time to wrap them!

United Kingdom 08:00am 17 December
France and Germany 08:00am 16 December
Rest of Europe 08:00am 13 December (tomorrow morning)
US and Canada 08:00am 17 December 
Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia 17 December
All other non-EU countries 13 December (tomorrow morning)

If you're planning on getting RiutBags as gifts, I can only recommend giving yourself as much time as possible. The postal services are FULL at this time of year!