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Kickstarter October 2020: Travel Design in the Covid-19 Era

Kickstarter RiutBag+ RiutBag 2020
New RiutBag Launches 15 October 2020
At the peak of the pandemic I received an email saying: "I'm a doctor working in the Covid positive ward in my hospital. I thought you should know, they won't let us take backpacks in and out of the hospital unless they can be disinfected and wiped clean. I'm currently carrying my belongings in a plastic bag. Can you help?"
Since that moment, I put all my other designs to one side and got prototyping. Searching for and testing materials, redesigning straps and zip pulls with no indentations whilst still making a functional backpack for travel.
The prototype is complete and I'm launching on Kickstarter 15 October 2020.

Sign up to see the early bird prices for a bag built for travel in the new age. Thanks to everyone who has helped build this design with their feedback 🙏🙏
Kind regards,
Sarah Giblin
RiutBag designer