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How many litres should my backpack be? Overview 2024

The ideal sized backpack, measured in litres, depends on several factors including the duration of your trip, the type of activities you'll be doing, and your personal packing preferences.

Here's a general guideline to help you determine the appropriate size based on different types of travel:

  1. Daypack (12-20 litres): Suitable for day trips, sightseeing, and short hikes where you need to carry essentials like water, snacks, a camera, and a light jacket. (See daypack example)

  2. Daily commute (15-25 litres): Suitable for travelling to work with a laptop, lunch, jacket and space to pick up a small food shop on the way home. (See commuter backpack example)

  3. Weekend Getaway (20-35 litres): Ideal for weekend trips or short getaways where you need to pack a change of clothes, toiletries, and other personal items. (See weekend getaway example)

  4. Weeklong Trip (25-45 litres): Suitable for longer trips of around 5-7 days where you need to pack enough clothing, toiletries, and other essentials. This size can accommodate a mix of clothing for various weather conditions. (See weekend getaway example)

  5. Extended Travel (60+ litres): For extended trips lasting more than a week or for travelers who prefer to carry additional gear such as camping equipment or specialized gear for activities like trekking or photography.

Keep in mind that these are general guidelines, and your specific needs may vary based on factors like the climate of your destination, the activities you plan to do, and your personal packing style. It's also important to consider the dimensions and weight restrictions imposed by airlines if you plan to use the backpack as carry-on luggage.

Ultimately, choosing the right size backpack involves finding a balance between having enough space to comfortably carry your belongings and avoiding excess weight or bulk that could make the backpack cumbersome to carry.

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