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Give your RiutBag user feedback 2020

Dear RiutBag user,

Thank you for supporting this design, coming back and now helping me to create your ideal backpack for the future. That's what Riut stands for: Revolution in user thinking.

Since I started this company to make travel safer in 2014, I have used feedback surveys to get outside of my own head and focus on you. I travel daily too, but I'm not just building backpacks for me. I'm building them for thousands of travellers out there like you.

I ask travellers what works, what doesn't work and then come up with the best new solutions to the things they tell me. If you're a RiutBag user, this is the best way for you to give me - the one and only designer - your feedback direct. Unless you see me wondering down the street. In which case, feel free to stop and tell me! In case that isn't possible, just complete the 7-8 minute survey. I look forward to reading your feedback.

Kind regards,

Sarah Giblin, RiutBag designer


I love surveymonkey, the company who makes my surveys possible. But the surveys don't work for desktop computers and mobile at the same time. So please choose the survey format which suites you best:

1) Mobile survey

Create your own user feedback survey

2) Desktop/laptop survey  

Create your own user feedback survey