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Easy-Clean Backpack for Travel in Covid-19 Era: RiutBag+

Backpack for the 2020s

Award winning urban backpack designer, Sarah Giblin, has released an easy-clean backpack with tactical materials for travel in the Covid-19 age. Inspired by feedback from a doctor working in Covid-positive wards, the new 20 litre laptop bag, RiutBag+, responds directly to travellers’ 2020 travel challenges with a mask holder, hand sanitiser attachment and disinfectable, wipe clean surfaces inside and out.

“Our backpacks come into contact with so many surfaces and people as we travel and tend not to be cleaned daily. I can’t make Covid-19 go away, but I can build a backpack with easy clean surfaces that helps to stop the spread as we travel between school, hospital, work and home.”

Sarah Giblin, RiutBag designer

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