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Black Friday 2020: Secure laptop backpack deals, daypacks, cross-body bags, hi-vis rain cover and backpack accessories

What are the best laptop backpacks Black Friday deals in 2020? Secure, durable “backwards” RiutBag designs are 50% off this Black Friday 2020. Sign up on to hear via email when it goes live. With express shipping free on orders over £100, no matter where you are in the world, you’ll have your RiutBag order in no time. 

Every RiutBag is built with automatic security: it’s secure every time you put it on. How? All it’s zips are securely hidden against your back. The RiutBag range has everything from lightweight cross-body bags, secure daypacks that you can pack into a small pocket, hi-vis rain covers, cable bags to organise your chargers and stationery and a hybrid backpack which changes size from 15 litres to mid 20 litre size and expands right up to 35 litres.

Black Friday 2020 backpack deal RiutBag X35 extra large 15.6" laptop

The largest RiutBag is the shape shifting RiutBag X35. It folds down to a 15 litre backpack, expands to 35 litres and has a useful mid size 20 litre setting. It’s a 15.6” laptop backpack with large stretchy bottle holders and a minimalist, smart black finish. It’s the most advanced backpack I’ve ever made. It’s the culmination of 7 years designing RiutBags and the backpack I use daily.

Black Friday 2020 Passport holder, phone holder, cross-body secure anti theft

RiutBag Sling is the smallest secure bag. A super light cross-body bag that holds your phone, keys, passport and wallet close to your body. Like all RiutBags, the zip sits against your body. The Sling was created because I had my passport stolen out of my hand on the other side of the world. It bothered me: how and where can I help travellers carry their passport and small valuables safely? I don’t want your passport, phone or wallet going in your pocket or living in a bag separate from your body. It needs to be close, easy to access but still secure. RiutBag Sling is where my phone, passport and keys live. When I take my backpack off, the Sling stays on my body, worn at the front so it’s in my sight and very easy to access. It’s especially good on a bike. It only weighs 62 grams and it’s got stretchy, lightweight material.

Black Friday deals 2020 lightweight backpack daypack small backpack rucksack Riutbag Crush

The RiutBag Crush is a 14 litre light secure daypack. For a lightweight backpack, it has a luxurious feel, it is spacious and a surprising amount fits in. RiutBag Crush is so lightweight it folds down into a neat pocket, weighs just 240 grams and is surprisingly strong because it is made from a ripstop nylon; the same material used to make hot air balloons. On the outside it is smart, understated and minimal black, whilst the inside lining is bright to help you find what you need easily.

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There are backpack accessories available. For cyclists, a stunning hi-vis 100% waterproof rain cover. This incredible material means you’re super visible on the roads and your belongings stay bone dry. Get the waterproof rain cover in three sizes: small (up to 14 litres), medium (up to 20 litres) and large (up to 35 litres). To keep the smaller items in your backpack organised but accessible, get this removable cable pocket - it’s basically a grown up pencil case.   


small business black friday 2020 independent startup support

As a one-person startup, I’m delighted Black Friday gives more people the chance to get to know my secure backpack designs. You’ll be joining over 20,000 people all over the world - Kickstarter backers, people interested in innovative design and those who support small business - who use my designs every day. Thanks for knowing about my designs and for supporting my work! 

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