lightweight backpack small black riutbag crush for women 14 litres
anti theft lightweight backpack small black riutbag crush for men 14 litres
lightweight backpack small black riutbag crush for men 14 litres
for women lightweight backpack small black riutbag crush for women 14 litres inside sarah giblin

Light foldable backpack | RiutBag Crush

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  • Secure design, all zips designed safely against your back
  • 14 litre capacity folds into small pocket
  • Lightweight, washable ripstop nylon
  • Folds down into a self-contained pocket
  • A' Design Award Travel and Lifestyle 2019 winner
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    Looking for a light, spacious and minimalist bag for travelling or everyday use which is also secure? The RiutBag Crush is an excellent choice. It folds down into a neat pocket, weighs just 240 grams and is surprisingly strong because it is made from a double layers of ripstop nylon. Yes, that’s the same material used to make hot air balloons. It's shower proof too. On the outside it is smart, understated and minimal black, whilst the inside lining is bright to help you find what you need easily.

    Secure backpack design

    RiutBag has an incredibly simple way of giving you peace of mind when walking through busy cities, markets, busy stations and in crowded public transport. How? All the zips are positioned safely against your back. That’s it! Unlike other backpacks, the person behind you cannot enter your backpack. Goodbye checking your zips and holding your bag close to you in crowds. Hello calm and confident travel with the RiutBag.


    The Crush has three pockets. The top pocket, D-pocket and main compartment. The top pocket is about the size of your fist. It’s great for quickly accessing small valuables. Next, the D-pocket. This has two purposes: When you’re using the Crush as a backpack, the D-pocket is a great spot for your phone, wallet and passport because you can access them securely whilst the Crush is on your back. Need to pack it away in your main luggage? This lightweight backpack folds down into this pocket for easy packing.


    💡Want to use it in the pouring rain too? Choose the RiutBag Cover (small size) to make your Crush 100% waterproof. Perfect for cyclists, walkers, moped and motorbike drivers.

    UK design by Sarah Giblin. Created with the help of 3,400 amazing backers on Kickstarter. 

    RiutBag Crush dimensions

    Full size dimensions: 40cm x 25cm x 20cm 

    Crushed dimensions (folded inside D-pocket): 22cm x 15cm x 6cm 

    Washing instructions

    RiutBag is simple to clean: For light stains, use a damp cloth. For a complete refresh, RiutBag is machine washable up to 40 degrees centigrade. Do not use detergent: this breaks down waterproofing capabilities in RiutBag materials. Dry naturally, not in a machine or tumble dryer.

    Good to know: RiutBags are made from high quality flame resistant nylons. RiutBag have the world's greatest zips made by YKK. There are no animal products used in RiutBag manufacture; they are vegan backpacks.