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#6 Rules. Strangers. The person next to you.

#6 Rules. Strangers. The person next to you.

19 March 2024

"In a city of  strangers, every encounter is a glimpse into a different world." - David Leviathan

Rules and cooperation hold our capitals together because cities are made up of so many strangers. In collaboration with people we have never met, we drive on complex roads, fly internationally, complete daily tasks. And, on the slower pavements, we do our best not to walk straight into each other.


To live in the city is to live anonymously, being left in peace, whilst living centimetres from the next person. But there is a wonder to breaking with convention, occasionally, and striking up a fleeting conversation. 


Being a calm fellow traveller is helped by remembering the people around you might be having the most challenging day of their life so far.


When was the last time you had an amazing conversation with a stranger?

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