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#7 Openness. Control. Sharing.

#7 Openness. Control. Sharing.

26 March 2024

Security without openness breeds suspicion and stifles progress. Openness without security risks chaos and vulnerability. Finding the balance is key.


“Keep your heart open and this door closed!” I saw this sign on the door of a building which has experienced plenty of theft from its city backyard over the years. A useful reminder that adding security doesn’t mean shutting people out in other ways too.


You can’t control the traffic, but you can leave early. 

You can’t control the weather, but you can carry an umbrella.

You can’t stop theft, but you can use secure travel backpacks.


We can share things, even with strangers. Lidl does a crate of leftover produce for £1.50. Sometimes it’s 20 red onions. After finding a particularly spectacular box of varied fruit and veg, I carried it home through the city centre on my shoulder. “I’ll have an apple!” shouted a teenager walking past with a rowdy group of friends. To their surprise, and those around us, I let them all take something from the box. We parted ways, elated.


Can you be more open on your journeys this week? 

Share with a traveller.
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Sarah is the creator of secure city travel backpack, RiutBag: backwards backpack for greater journeys. She also makes death prep tool, Whenn, for mortals of all ages.

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