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#4: Far families. Near friends. Firm invitations.

#4 Far families. Near friends. Firm invitations.

5 March 2024

"If you want a recipe for unhappiness, spend time accumulating a lot of money and let your health and relationships deteriorate.” James Clear

In my 20s I didn’t prioritise seeing family. In my 30s I’ve learnt it’s hugely important. Seeing family frequently, even when they’re scattered across different cities and countries, is possible with a little extra planning. For example, I’ll fly to Germany via Gatwick rather than another airport so I can see family in Reading before I go. Little and often is the trick, when it comes to visiting family, as a wise friend once said. 

I remember hearing friends all living in one city sometimes didn’t cross paths for an entire year or more. I’ve found the only way to see everyone is to hold parties. Doesn’t matter how small the flat or the gathering. Not everyone can come every time, but you increase the chance of seeing people and holding together over time. Otherwise, even within a city, a decade can slip by too easily.

We don’t have to always be the visitor. We can be the destination too. Make firm invitations - with a date,  time and place - and people will come. 


Who will you make a firm plan to see this year? 

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Sarah is the creator of secure city travel backpack, RiutBag: backwards backpack for greater journeys. She also makes death prep tool, Whenn, for mortals of all ages.


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