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3#: Frustrations. Calm. Wonder.

Frustrations. Calm. Wonder.

28 February 2024
"Travelling tends to magnify all human emotions." - Peter Hoeg

We've seen, and felt, frustration many times in the city. You're late, someone gets in your way and suddenly it seems like it's that person's fault. The antidote? Imagine the vast city you’re in without anyone in it - just you. You could glide through easily, but where to? The city only works when everyone is there with you.


Where does calmer travel really come from? It might be leaving a time buffer and having a relevant backpack design. But ultimately, if you travel through a city every day, the only way to stay calm is to choose it: "It's important to me to have calm journeys". You’ll start automatically doing all the little things required to enjoy those journeys with calm.


As a child, travelling into London and getting on the tube was fascinating. Going deep underground, hearing the screeches of the trains and feeling the flow of neverending people. Such great wonders. Can you still see them?


Which emotions would you like your travel to magnify this week? 

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Sarah is the creator of secure city travel backpack, RiutBag: backwards backpack for greater journeys. She also makes death prep tool, Whenn, for mortals of all ages.

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