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Two awards, RiutBag?! Gadget Show live British Inventors’ Project 2015 + Golden A’ Design Award 2015

The amazing RiutBag Kickstarter backers have created more than just the first production run of RiutBags; the RiutBag now has a life of its own, and within just a few short weeks of *existing*! To be clear, the most important thing to me is that the RiutBag users are fans of the RiutBag. These awards are great just to help us spread the word that the RiutBag exists. That’s how I see it.

Right. Here they are!


Awards are new to me – and to the RiutBag for that matter. So I have to get the language right. The RiutBag has *won* one award and been *nominated* for another. So what are they?

Let’s start with the nomination:

Gadget Show LIVE, British Inventors’ Project 2015

RiutBag has been nominated by Gadget Show LIVE for the British Inventors’ Project 2015. It’s one of 20 nominated inventions which will be exhibited at the Gadget Show LIVE 7th – 12th April, at the NEC in Birmingham. Come on!

The winner is announced on 7th April 2015. An artificial pancreas won last year, so the RiutBag has some pretty serious competition… At least, if a pancreas can be a “gadget”, I have less trouble thinking a RiutBag is one :)

That’s the nomination. Wish the RiutBag luck! For me, it’s just a great opportunity to show loads of people who are interested in new designs that the RiutBag exists.

Thanks for getting the RiutBag, and me, this far Kickstarter backers! I’ll let you know how it goes, send you updates from the Gadget Show LIVE and maybe see you in Birmingham if you’re going!

Now for the actual prize..

Golden A’ Design Award 2015 for Fashion and Travel Accessories

RiutBag has been granted the A’ Design Award in Fashion and Travel Accessories Design Category by the grand jury panel of the A’ Design Award & Competition which consists of internationally influential press members, established designers, leading academics and prominent entrepreneurs. Brill.

Here’s what they told me: “We believe that your intelligent and diligent contribution to design through creation of this superior product makes the world a better place.”

That’s what I hoped! Whilst the judges might think so, it really comes down to what the RiutBag users think. Again, I’m glad the Kickstarter backers helped the RiutBag to get to a point where it can reach even more people. Those who think they will benefit from the design can get one. But everyone can help support this idea if they think it’s worthwhile, simply by sharing it!

When it arrives, your RiutBag will be an award winning one!

RiutBag online + in print

That’s it for now. Both the Gadget Show LIVE and A’Design Award 2015 will begin to share the award and nomination with the world in the coming weeks. If you spot the RiutBag online or in print somewhere, do let me know on or by posting to the Facebook page or mentioning @_riut on Twitter.

Thanks everyone for helping to make this happen!