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Secure, safe backpack for work and commute - holds 15 inch laptop

Until teleportation is fully functioning, we're going to have to carry our more important belongings with us every day whether on our way to work, on holiday, back home in the evening or visiting a new city abroad.

Backpacks are the best way to carry plenty. We carry laptops, tablets, smartphones, passports, keys and then all the non-tech stuff: lunch, jacket, gym shoes. You distribute all the weight you're carrying over both shoulders, your legs and back take the weight, allowing you to stand with good posture. The carry bag, shoulder bag and handbag don't do much for your back over the many decades that we travel and commute.

There's just one problem with backpacks: they are the wrong way round. The person behind you can get into your backpack more easily than you can. That's a real design fault in our busy cities across the globe.

Check out the RiutBag, backwards backpack that lets you commute with lower stress, not worrying about zips being undone or items going missing.

RiutBag was created by backpack user Sarah Giblin. With the help of over 2,500 Kickstarter backers she brought her idea to life and now ships RiutBags to new users globally every day. 

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