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Ryanair hand luggage restrictions 2018: what has changed? What are the options? What is free?

As seriously city travellers, getting the best deals on budget flights means travelling with hand luggage only. In fact, hand luggage only has been the cheapest and fastest way to travel in recent years. I think it's good overall, because we've probably become better travellers as consequence, travelling light and packing only what we need. 

Well, Ryanair has put an end to hand luggage only being the cheapest and quickest way to travel. Now, you can only choose cheap OR fast. You basically pay more for fast.

Here is the key policy change explained:

I'll be updating this blog when I've tried out my idea: I'll carry my RiutBag Crush, unpacked, inside my main RiutBag X25 or R15. When I arrive at the airport or at the gate, I'll transfer my laptop and key important items into my RiutBag Crush.


As I mentioned in the video, I'm a little surprised that Ryanair has set the limit to the laptop bag to 35x20x20cm. My 13" MacBook Pro is 31cm x 22cm.. so technically it isn't allowed on board. But I'm going to try it out any way in February 2018. So I'll update you then.

Share this blog with city travellers who are getting on Ryanair flights and might not be totally clear on the new policy.

Wishing you safe travels, wherever you go this year.

Kind regards,

Sarah Giblin, RiutBag designer