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Riut's founder, Sarah Giblin, joins TEDx Brighton 2016 speaker line-up: Friday, 28 October

Do you need to be the next Mark Zuckerberg to have an idea, build it and have a positive impact on other people's lives when they use it? I used to think something along those lines.

I'm delighted to have been invited to speak at TEDx Brighton 2016 so I can share this message with you: the complaints you have with the world, the skills you have now and the things you know are enough to make your idea happen. I found this out about myself as I started my one-person startup Riut to create the RiutBag and start turning the world's backpacks around.

You don't need to go on Dragon's Den, get a loan or hunt down rich investors. I was a backpack user, nothing more. Users helped me to shape my prototype, they crowdfunded this idea because they supported it and they continue to support the RiutBag online through feedback and by telling other people about the idea. I call this Revolution in user thinking. This guiding principle is so important to me I named my product and company after it. Riut, pronounced "riot", stands for Revolution in user thinking.

Come down to Brighton for a day of inspiration, ideas and meeting new people in the wonderful Brighton Dome. I'll be around all day, listening to the other talks and looking forward to meeting anyone with questions about my user-focussed and user-driven approach to design. You might just spot a few RiutBags too :) 

TEDx Brighton 2016 Friday 28 October is a full day celebrating of the theme impact hearing from global inspirational speakers on this subject who take to the stage, exploring how one person’s journey can ultimately create a meaningful impact on the world. TEDxBrighton 2016 will be a truly inspiring composition of ideas worth spreading.

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