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Riut's Christmas message 2016

We can travel together
We are fellow travellers
We can travel safely
With peace of mind.


As long as I make RiutBags, this will be my message: "there are a lot of good people around". I'll say it every year. When you're on a full train of tired, agitated commuters; when you're busily racing down the high street trying to find a gift at the last moment; when you're squeezing on to a busy underground train. All those people are your fellow travellers. They are just like you. They are trying to get somewhere too. They aren't your aggressors, they aren't out to get you. You and your belongings are safe. And we can adapt to our busy cities. Sometimes we just need a little help. RiutBags are there to help you feel as safe as you are, to help you feel calm and to reduce your stress levels. Imagine what cities, commuting and holidays would be like we we all felt secure and calm.

Thank you for all the energetic support you give this design. The RiutBag is now nearly two years old :) Thanks to you it has grown from an idea ("I think the conventional backpack design is making people stressed out!") to a reality. Read the RiutBag story here:


Written and performed by Sarah Giblin. RiutBag user, Riut founder and RiutBag designer