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RiutBag R15 awarded highest honor in Travel design, April 2016

"The RiutBag is a world-class design that helps users achieve more by empowering them through added functionality, performance, reliability and interaction. It also provides unchallenged aesthetic beauty" say A' Design Award 2016 judges. Secure laptop backpack, RiutBag, has been awarded the highest design award for Travel & Fashion at the 2016 A' Design Award. The platinum award will be presented in Italy, June 2016.

Thank you to all RiutBag users who have helped bring the RiutBag idea - secure backwards backpack - to life online, on Kickstarter and by being early adopters of this design. This is a Riut. This is a Revolution in user thinking. You can read the RiutBag story here:

I'm Sarah, the creator of the RiutBag. I do not have a design background. I was a rucksack user. It was through noting the problems I experience every day in travel - losing things, fear of or concern about theft, the need to care for my important belongings and tech - that led me to create the RiutBag. I created to help all urban travellers move around the world's busy cities with total peace of mind. I believe we are all capable of turning our complaints into new solutions which could help others.

With such humble beginnings, it's amazing that the esteemed judges of A' Design Award have considered the RiutBag's merits and believe it is changing the world for the better. That is the power of design when it revolves around the user. That's my mantra: Revolution in user thinking. That's what Riut stands for.

I will continue to design by revolving all my thinking around real, urban travellers. That's us.