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RiutBag Crush - safe summer daypack - wins international travel design

RiutBag Crush, a safe urban daypack, is super light, crushes into a small pocket. Most importantly, it only has zips at the back so that only you can get into it!

The judges of A Design Award in Italy said:

"I would like to cordially thank you for your good design which advances and benefits society. We believe that your intelligent and diligent contributions to ... design .. through creation of [this] superior product... makes the world a better place."

Backpacks are mundane objects that we all know and use everyday. But design can help us to make simple objects better, so that we can adapt more to urban life today.

Just by placing the zips of a backpack against your back, rather than on the outside, this had a major impact on the backpack wearer. We walk differently, we feel less stressed, we aren't suspicious of those around us, we are more likely to be open, interested and helpful if we ourselves feel secure.

Can making a better backpack benefit society? It doesn't solve the world's problems, but it does allow us to be calmer and more confident as we travel. Therefore, we can get on with doing what we were there to do: to work, to collaborate with people, or just to relax and lose ourselves on holiday in a new place.