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RiutBag arrivals begin! RiutBag first impressions, reviews + order deadlines 2015 order the RiutBag: backwards backpack for secure city travel* tweets* videos + updates*


For those short on time

Arrivals: Over 1000 RiutBags have arrived in the UK, Europe and some as far as America. Photos and videos have been popping up all over social media as they arrive. You can join in on Facebook ( and Twitter (

Non-arrivals: Backers in UK and EU countries, if your RiutBag hasn't yet arrived, please message me. Everyone else, including Norway, please expect your deliveries in the next 14 days.

Berliner RiutBag Backers - ich komme! I have decided to take delivery into my own hands following delivery problems to Berlin in the summer and again now. I'll be round this week with your RiutBags personally :)

Order deadlines: RiutBag Christmas orders If you are planning on ordering extra RiutBags as Christmas gifts, please place your orders before these dates so they arrive in time. Deadlines: 17th December 2015 in United Kingdom, 4th December 2015 within EU countries and 30th November 2015 for the rest of the world. Please note, I'm low on stock in all models.

Addresses: 19 backers have not provided a postal address. Without this, I'm sure you understand there is no way I can send your reward. I have emailed each of you individually. Please login into and follow the instructions at the top of the screen to provide your address and all relevant information. 

Risks and challenges

I always start my Kickstarter project updates by addressing risks. As the project moves on to completion, the risks are reducing day by day. The only thing getting in the way of you using your RiutBag is one of the greatest and most complex systems in the world: postage. 

The risks around postage are simply huge, because each individual RiutBag leaves the larger group and makes its own unique journey to your door.  I'm here to help and fix problems. Just let me know if you're having difficulties.

Full update

Dear backers, you are a truly unstoppable force. You have not only funded the RiutBags R10 and R15 into existence and given your support at every step along the way, your response to arrivals continues to bring a smile to my face every day. I did this all for you! So to hear that you are happy with your RiutBags is the greatest reward. Thank you for sharing.

RiutBag arrivals begin!

In the last two weeks you've been kind enough to let me know your RiutBags are arriving and what you think of them in so many different ways: Tweets, photos, Facebook posts, private messages, Kickstarter comments, Google+ posts, as well as Youtube unboxing videos in German and English. Wow. 

In the past two weeks, these are some of the amazing responses to the RiutBags arriving :) 


What new RiutBag users really think: Videos

There are YouTube pros amongst us, RiutBag Kickstarter backers :) These RiutBag users have chosen to share their first impressions of the RiutBag through the medium of video. They are great. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

1) For English speakers: This YouTuber, Foundersfire, gives us a one-handed tour of the RiutBag, his thoughts on the design features in comparison to the conventional backpack, the Kickstarter project and his recommendation overall.


2) For German speakers: If you subscribe to this YouTuber's channel, you'd be more likely to find 3D printing time lapses and explorations of hardware and electronics. However, Bear, Tech & Tools has decided to give the RiutBag an official unboxing. 


Twitter post of note

I'm sure you know by now that I created the RiutBag for our urban travel, to allow us to feel secure even in our business cities. Well, RiutBag users may travel in cities, but they can go further than that.

This image blew me away. Credits to Alice, RiutBag user and wife of @mauriuzgil for this stunning image taken in  Poland, Karkonosze mountains, Śnieżka peak.

Sometimes all you need is only silence of the mountains… Regeneration in progress // cc @_riut">">@_riut

— Mariusz Gil (@mariuszgil) November 21, 2015

Whether you're travelling on your usual commute, heading to the supermarket or adventuring across the most stunning places, take your RiutBag. And feel free to get in touch with your photos and videos :) 

Order deadlines for the last few RiutBags

I want to share this information with you, the RiutBag backers, before I post on social media. The stocks for all models are now super low - between 5 and 20 of each. If you are planning to order more RiutBags as gifts this year, or you're thinking of getting one for yourself if you missed out, please note these order deadlines for delivery to different places in the world.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="940.0"]Last order dates on to receive RiutBags before 25th December 2015 Last order dates on to receive RiutBags before 25th December 2015

Next time

My next update will be in two weeks. By then, I expect everyone to have their RiutBag. This project is not complete until that point. 

They are all on their way. Please allow another 14 days for RiutBags to reach you if you are further away from England. We're nearly there, RiutBag users :) Thanks for your fantastic and enthusiastic support. 

For those of you with RiutBags, enjoy your travels! For those still waiting, don't worry - just a little longer and you'll be part of the rucksack revolution too!

Kind regards

Sarah order the RiutBag: backwards backpack for secure city travel* tweets* videos + updates*