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*Preview* New RiutBag R15 + R10, black + grey (photos) on Kickstarter Sept. 2015

Riut. Revolution in user thinking

This time last year there was one RiutBag prototype in the world. It existed to prove one concept: urban rucksacks should be the other way round. No zips on the outside; all zips should face your back for calm, secure city travel.

I asked for Kickstarter's support to move from the prototype to manufactured RiutBag. Over 1000 amazing backers brought the RiutBag to life, have tested it thoroughly and given their feedback. That user data has built two new models in black and grey launching on Kickstarter this month.

Presenting the first ever RiutBag models built with user feedback. All RiutBags are unisex, hold up to 15" laptop, A4 documents straight and have all their zips facing your back. Sign up below to hear when the 30 day campaign goes live. Early bird deals for those who get there first :)

RiutBag R15: 15 litre day bag

User feedback showed the first RiutBag (20 litre) had a huge capacity; easily holding a week's worth of belongings or more. The new RiutBag R15 is a day backpack with 15 litres packing capacity, making it slimmer and more contained for the daily commuter. R15 still has bottle holders and enough capacity for a packed day out or weekend away. 

The data showed that a RiutBag with capacity is important, but a super slim RiutBag to replace the classic laptop shoulder bag should also exist. The RiutBag R10 almost disappears against your back as you travel through the city. Perfect for client facing consultants who move around the city with their tech and documents and those who get on long haul flights: check in all your luggage and just take your laptop, vital documents and a light jacket on board.

RiutBag R10: 10 litre super slim city bag

Here are the new aspects built into all RiutBag by RiutBag users:

Join the rucksack revolution on Kickstarter this September. The campaign is live for 30 days only. If the RiutBag is funded, I will dispatch in December this year. Sign up to hear when the campaign goes live to catch the early bird deals :) More information, videos and comment on the new RiutBags on

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Come and join the rest of the rucksack revolutionaries on social media! If you think the RiutBag is a good idea, please share it with people you think could benefit. And if you would like to, back yours on Kickstarter this month. See you there!