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Packing the RiutBag X25 for 30 days travel, for real this time

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My travel gear: secure hand luggage

On my 30 days through Vietnam I'm living in my RiutBag X25 - secure backwards laptop backpack - in expanded mode as my main luggage with a waist strap to help carry the load. Tucked inside is my RiutBag Crush, a secure backwards super light daypack that I use for short trips. Between these two, I have all my travel needs covered for 30 days. And, I'm not paying for checked luggage - everything is carry-on safe.
I was in China for 14 days before I left to go to Vietnam. The 30 degree centigrade heat made me rethink my initial packing strategy. Here's what I'm really taking:
I'm not filling the RiutBag X25 to the max. Why not? Two reasons. One: I want to carry the absolute minimum, whilst having everything I need to survive cities, rain, heat, mountains and carry my whole office with me. Two: I'm taking the X25 has hand luggage and some airlines have a weight limit. Without the weight limit imposed by some of the airlines I'm travelling with, I think I'd have overpacked this thing. So I'm grateful to Jetstar's health and safety policy which looks after their staff and customers lifting backpacks into overhead lockers.