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Packing light for a 30 day trip

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I’m travelling from China, via Hong Kong, through Vietnam for 30 days. I have 4 days in Tokyo on the way back to China at the beginning of November. I’m taking only hand luggage because I’ll get better flight rates and it forces me to take less rather than more.

It’s hot in Vietnam in October: 25 degrees centigrade up to 35 degrees centigrade and the rainy season will just be coming to an end. I’ll be starting in the northern city of Hanoi, trekking round the north, and then make my way down to the capital Ho Chi Min, in the south, previously known as Saigon. I haven’t booked any hotels. I’ll book hotels or Airbnb a few days in advance or as I find them when I’m ready to move on. This is a budget trip, so I won’t need luxury clothing and I’ll be travelling by plane, train and bus.

30 days? Pack for a week
A month sounds like a long time, but in reality you only need things for one week. If you do it this way, you'll just have to find someone to wash your clothes once a week.
Clothes for 7 days
I’ll pack: 7 tops, 7 pairs of underwear, 3 bras, one pair of leggings, one pair of shorts and a swimming costume. It could still be raining pretty heavily, so I’m taking my rain coat too. Whilst it’s hot in China, Hong Kong and Vietnam, it’ll be the end of autumn in Tokyo. If there is any chance of me getting cold, I will layer up. When I'm travelling I’ll wear: a t-shirt, shorts etc. So I have one extra of the main clothing groups.
Planning a few months in advance, 30 days to get form north to south Vietnam sound like I’ll be on the road and moving the whole time. But in reality, I’ll have plenty of time to ponder, relax and stroll around. In 30 degree C weather, that calls for sandals. There will be some longer walks in northern and central Vietnam, I’m opting for trainers there. I’m not going for any serious hikes, so there’s no need for proper hiking boots. 
Thanks to the restriction on liquids by airlines, I’m only taking deodorant, toothpaste and some clothes hand washing liquid. I’ll buy anything else - shampoo, conditioner, sun tan lotion - when I arrive. But that should do it.
When I’m not at the factory checking my products, I run my startup online. That means I have to carry my office with me: 13” MacBook Pro, iPhone SE, Sony A500 camera, matching chargers and just 1TB external hard drive. I’m leaving the 3 TB monster at home. It’s little extra weight to take, but it’s necessary digital nomad stuff, so I don’t mind.
I’m using the expanded version of the RiutBag X25 as my main backpack. Just over 25 litres, it’s made from waterproof Cordura, it has an attachable waist strap to help with the weight, chest strap and has a 15” laptop holder. For day trips, I’m taking RiutBag Crush - a 230 gram crushable daypack. The most important about these two backpacks is that they they are designed backwards for security: they only have access points and zips against your back. No one can get in when you’re wearing it. This means, you can enjoy every second of your travels without ever thinking about loss or theft. 
Even though I'm going for basic hotels ($10-$13 per night) I've checked and they all offer towels, too need to bring one. After reading a few travel blogs, I decided to get a 2 litre bladder for water so I don't dehydrate in the heat. I always take a large plastic bag to organise my clean/dirty clothes. I’ll probably take a spare plastic bag for my trainers too. I’m a designer, so I’ll be taking a sketch pad/pens.
* * * * *
I’ll be posting a video on my Facebook page of my practice pack and my final pack in secure backpack RiutBag X25 with all this stuff. I’ll also be reporting via Instagram whether I took everything I need.
Join the rest of the RiutBag users and share your location on Instagram and Twitter with hashtag #livingoutofariutbag whether you're away on business or for pleasure.