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NEW: How to order and send a digital gift card for GIFT CARD FAQ

Share the RiutBag concept, share the story and give the gift of choice!

It's now totally up to you: you can order a RiutBag and accessories yourself, or you can give a gift card so they can choose exactly what they want. 


How do I order a RiutBag gift card for

Find the RiutBag gift card under "all products". Click on the gift card. Decide the amount you would like to give as a gift: £25, £50, £100 or £150. Click on "Select options" at the base of the gift card page and select the correct amount. Then add this gift card to your cart.

Is this a physical gift card in the post?

No, this is a digital gift card. This means you can buy a gift card minutes before you give it! You don't have to wait for the post. When you order a gift card, we will send the gift card to you. You send the gift card email to the person you wish to receive it and they can use the full amount to pay for their RiutBag order and shipping when they are ready. A physical card is not sent.

Example email for RiutBag gift card

How does the recipient use the gift card?

Give the gift card code via email or as a print out. Any time in the following 13 months, the recipient can use this code to buy products on They add the RiutBags and travel products to their shopping cart. At the check out, they enter their gift card code.

If the amount to pay is more than the value of the gift card, they can use another payment means to complete the order. If the amount to pay is less than the value of the gift card, they can use the rest of the gift card value on another order.

When they click on the gift card link they will see this information on the website: 1) their gift code, 2) the amount you have given them and the amount they have remaining, 3) the expiry date, 4) an option to store in Apple Wallet (for iPhone and iPad users) and  QR code to find this page again easily.

How do I send the gift card to someone else?

At the checkout, add your own billing and email details. You will receive an email with the gift card details. When the time is right, send the lucky recipient an email with the gift card code and a personal message from you. You can also print out the code and hand it to them physically. However, I suggest sending them the gift card email too so they can find it easily in the future.

Can I send the gift card direct to the person receiving it?

No. Since you are the person who has bought it, the gift card will first be sent to you. Your email address is also where the billing receipt will be sent.

When you are ready, you can send the gift card code via email or in person by printing it out.

Can I cancel my order for a gift card and receive a refund?

If you send the gift card to someone and would prefer they cannot use it, we can disable the gift card and provide a refund to you. However, please inform the person you have giving the card to that they are no longer able to use it. 

Does this gift card expire?

Yes, the gift card expires after 13 months. This means, from the date you buy the gift card, it can be used at any time over the next year.

Do I get a billing receipt or invoice for my gift card?

Yes, the email address you enter when you pay for the gift card is where the gift card will be sent and where your billing receipt is sent.