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Kickstarter for first-time backers [video]

I've been telling a lot of people about the RiutBag and its imminent launch on Kickstarter. That's great, you might think. So what? Well, whilst there are loads of people - over 7 million - who have backed projects on Kickstarter, most people I know never have. So it's currently a barrier to them to use Kickstarter to back a project. Is it difficult? I can't quite imagine how it works in practice.. How much money could I lose? So that people who want to support and get a RiutBag fully understand Kickstarter, I've made a little video to show you how it works inside. I've backed projects before. It's easy and fun. (I think I may have forgotten to say that in the video.. Oh no!)

If you're considering backing a project for the first time, I hope that was helpful. If you're a seasoned backer, share it with your friends, the majority of whom may not be previous backers.


I'm launching my first product for urban users - the RiutBag - on Kickstarter for 30 days only this year. Sign up to find out when it goes live. Thanks for your support!