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Introducing RiutBag Crush 2017: Safe urban daypack

Say hello to the newest RiutBag design. All RiutBags are backwards - the only zips are against your back - for safe, simple city travel. If you think the RiutBag idea is good one, please share with people you think could benefit.

It’s called RiutBag Crush

Due to ship 30 May 2017, this is the first ever urban daypack by Riut. It’s so light - under 250 grams - it can be crushed into a single pocket within the RiutBag. (If you're a seasoned RiutBag user, it folds into the D-pocket.) 

Safe daypack for travel

Whilst travelling across New Zealand testing RiutBags, my Crush went everywhere with me. If I’m not carrying a laptop, it has become my go to RiutBag. When travelling, I fold the Crush into its D-pocket and pack it in my main RiutBag R15 or R25 to use when I arrive. It went up mountains, through cities, into cafes, on beaches, on bikes, on the hottest days and the coldest. 

Goodbye pockets?

I've been a big supporter and lover of pockets in the past. Now, I feel like I’ve outsourced the work my pockets to the RiutBag Crush - and more. When I only have keys, phone and a wallet, the Crush almost disappears against my back. And yet, with 10 litres of space, it can happily fit headphones, spare jumper, book and bottle of water in there. Plenty of videos to come to show you how it works in practice.

Features: light and strong

Like the R range RiutBags, RiutBag Crush has a top pocket, main compartment and a D-pocket. This means you can grab your keys or phone whilst you're on the go without removing your Crush. It is made of two layers of light, shower-proof, rip-stop nylon* to ensure that it’s strong as well as light. RiutBag Crush is bright yellow inside to make sure you don’t lose anything in there.

*Rip-stop nylon is more usually found in hot air balloons.

Revolution in user thinking: Riut

I’ve built a new RiutBag with your help. It is such a pleasure to design based on the feedback of RiutBag users and city travellers. That’s how I design all RiutBags. You are kind enough to share the things that are problematic and great about city travel, the things you carry and the things you believe an urban backpack should be.