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Inside your rucksack: creative director of UK pop up art gallery

Who are you?  My name is Sophie Giblin.

What do you do?  I’m an artist and the creative director of Kollektiv Gallery.

Where do you do it?  Kollektiv is based in Brighton.

What's different about your approach to art and galleries?  We’re a gallery run by emerging artist for emerging artists. We aim to develop entrepreneurial skills by empowering artists to build a sustainable livelihood through their work. We use empty high street shops as temporary exhibition space and exhibit artists work for the first time outside academic surroundings. Here's our latest project.

Kollektiv is no ordinary galleryas a collective we want to solve problems. Kollektiv is revolutionary thanks to our blend of entrepreneurship and social ethics within the arts.

Do you travel much for work?  I cycle everywhere in Brighton. I cycle to all my meetings, possible pop-up locations, galleries, exhibitions, universities. I cycle to go food shopping and for relaxation as well. You’ll always see me cycling with my rucksack.

Do you carry a bag?  I have a Herschel rucksack.

What's in your rucksack?  iPhone, wallet, laptop, camera, pens, paper, a book, lip balm, keys, sometimes some tools depending on the days activity and a apple or banana.

The rucksack of a revolutionary pop up gallery curator and director, Brighton

What changes would make to your rucksack to make your commute better?  I need to transport a lot on my back, especially when there are tools to carry to/from exhibitions. I don’t have any complaints about my bag, it’s done very well considering what it’s been though. Bags could always be lighter and carry more though. Mary Poppins bag please.

We'll see what we can do to create a bottomless bag for you. Sounds like you're pretty happy right now though. Thank you for sharing a little of your life, your work and your rucksack with us Sophie. Here's how everyone can find Kollektiv Gallery:

The latest pop up gallery on Kickstarter  @kollektiv_

Commuters out there, share what's in your bag with us no matter where you are. Photo, list or a little film if you want. Or, if you find it easier, here's a little survey to fill in.