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Inside your hessian bag: IVF life coach

Who are you? Beck Hopkins. What do you do? I'm a business owner, life coach, mother and project manager (in no particular order, promise).

Having escaped the corporate vortex, I am now a professional coach. I work with women and men to navigate their emotional journey through IVF and beyond.

Where do you do it? I live and work in Melbourne, Australia. Although these days, with the help of Skype, the world is my office.

What's different about your approach to coaching? When I work with people, I aim to hear what's not being said. We work on questions like this: What is possible for you? What's really at stake? What's holding you back from being the best version of yourself you can possibly be? What's the dream?

I believe each of us already has all of the answers to those questions - they sometimes just need a little help digging them out.

Do you travel much for work? Mostly a short walk to the coffee shop to meet with clients, write my blog or design a new coaching program.

Do you carry a bag? I do. I'm so lo-fi it's not even funny. I use a hessian bag that I bought for $2.50. I totally need an upgrade.

What's in your bag? Is the world ready for this? Today there is a receipt from the supermarket, $7.30 in change, a bottle of water, my laptop, an umbrella, a banana, my mobile phone, my moleskin diary, a pen, my headphones, my keys, my sunglasses, my reading glasses, half a pack of travel tissues and a used band-aid. That's all I need to keep me going.


What changes would you want to make your bag to make your commute better? A safe but easy access pocket for my iPhone, a simple clip to attach it to the handle of my daughter's pram, something nice to keep my laptop safe.

Loving the lo-fi, Becks. Though something a little more protective for your MacBook is probably a good idea and something we can work on. Here's how everyone out there can find out more about Beck Hopkins:

Here's Beck Hopkins' website And her blog  Engage with her on Twitter and here's Beck Hopkins on Linkedin

Commuters out there, share what’s in your bag with us no matter where you are. Photo, list or a little film if you want. Or, if you find it easier, here’s a little survey to fill in.