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From Kickstarter to startup: RiutBag design timeline last 12 months

Leaving your job with only your sketches under your arm and an idea in your head is an exciting time. That's where the RiutBag - secure backwards backpack - was in March 2014. 

Since then, over 2,500 amazing Kickstarter backers helped to fund the RiutBag in existence. Riut's second Kickstarter campaign was successfully funded this time last year in October 2015 - here's the link - thanks to commuters, city travellers and backpack users all over the world. As with the first Kickstarter campaign, I got on the next flight to the RiutBag factory in Fujian, China, completed the production run of the new R10 and R15 designs and had them sent to the new RiutBag users.

But then what? Well, then it's time to start trying to build a startup that can stand on its own. That's a whole different ball game. Here's what the RiutBag, Riut and I have done in the last year to get this far.


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