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"Thank you for spotting the RiutBag and for reading to find out more! I'm Sarah, the RiutBag designer and the final person to check each of your RiutBags at the factory every production. 

It's August 2017. 4 years ago I realised that urban backpacks are the wrong way round. The person behind you can access your backpack more easily than you can! 3 years I ago I decided I leave my job and do something about it. In August 2014 I started work on the final RiutBag prototype to turn the backpack around. 

To celebrate 3 years since the RiutBag moved from an idea into a physical prototype, I invite you to benefit from this design wherever you are in the world with free shipping in August 2017. All RiutBags are shipped tracked express from England. Tracked delivery to the US, Canada, Hong Kong and Singapore, for example, takes no more than 5 days.

In the last three years, I took that prototype to Kickstarter twice where it was funded into existence by over 2,500 incredible Kickstarter backers. I manufactured the first production run with their help, then I redesigned the RiutBag and created the first ever R10 and R15 designs with their help.

Today, at you can see the the second edition laptop backpacks R10 and R15, redesigned twice since their creation in 2015. Benefitting from the design experience on the R10 and R15, the RiutBag's largest ever capacity secure laptop backpack is found in the R25 launched in 2017.

In 2017, I released a second new design along side the RiutBag R25. RiutBag Crush - the super light daypack - which is only 230 grams in weight and bright yellow inside. It crushes down into its own D-pocket when you're not using it.

This year, the 10,000th customer joined the rucksack revolution and RiutBags are bringing safe travel to users all over the world. Thank you all for being willing to listen to a new idea, try it yourself and to help develop it with your feedback to keep solving our real urban problems now and in the future. This is what the Revolution in user thinking is all about. And, that's exactly what Riut stands for.

Visit to see all the RiutBags available. If you think the RiutBag, safe backpack, is a good idea, please share it with your friends and family who you think could benefit. You can read the story about how I created the RiutBag here:

Kind regards and safe travels! 

Sarah Giblin, RiutBag designer"