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Designer introduces RiutBag Crush: first edition secure daypack

RiutBag designer Sarah Giblin says hello and shares with you the newest RiutBag Crush. See how it arrives, crushed in its D-pocket, and how much you can pack for perfect day trip! Shipping tomorrow, 30 May 2017.

RiutBag started out as a Kickstarter project: a backwards backpack for secure urban travel built for laptop and tech. Laptop backpacks are still core to the RiutBag design - RiutBag R10, R15 and max carry-on R25 - but RiutBag Crush is the first secure, super light daypack by Riut.

Share with friends you think could benefit from safe travel, with a super light backpack this summer! Available in inconspicuous urban tones - black and navy blue - all RiutBag Crushes are bright yellow inside so you can find your belongings easily inside. 

Like all RiutBags the straps can be neatly rolled and secured so you don't have long dangling pieces of material on either side of you. You can use the D-pocket as a smartphone holder or for quick access to your wallet or keys. It's super light at just 230 grams, but I've made sure the material is strong - using a reinforced rip-stop nylon usually found in hot air ballons.

Choose your RiutBag Crush and enjoy every adventure this summer: festivals, day trips, holiday travel, nipping out into town, going out in the evenings and wandering around markets.