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Design world meets Riut! DEVELOP3D live review



I'm Sarah, creator of the RiutBag: urban rucksack with no outer zips; they're all against your back for safe, calm city travel. In the last year I've gone from using a rucksack - like many commuters and city travellers - to creating a RiutBag as a one person startup. 

My brain is more than prepared to understand that if you have an idea the consequence may well be that it exists one day. That doesn't surprise me anymore. However, when asked to speak at an event, I failed entirely to see that there may be reviews, questions and intrigue about what I said or what I'm doing afterwards.

Well, here's my first ever review. It wasn't even about the RiutBag! It relates to the speech I gave on the startup stage at DEVELOP3D live on Thursday 26 March 2015.

You can find Design Why's full blog post here. Here's the excerpt:

Sarah Giblin – Starting a Riut

New to D3D Live for this year, the ‘Building a start-up business’ session, was always going to give a fascinating insight into the recent experiences of the speakers.

The ‘Revolution In User Thinking’ that the Riut bag, and company stands for, came across as a breath of fresh air to the industry. Unbeknown to us at DesignWhys,and is often the case within start-ups, Sarah is not from a design education background, which in this instance has led to an approach to design and manufacture right at the core of the subject. The concept of a theft proof, emotionally reassuring, rucksack was born from putting the user first.

In this honest, confident and empowering talk, Sarah took her expectant audience through the entire Riut story, from the moment the seed of an idea was planted, to the latest production run of 200 Riut bags.

“It only exists because the users want it”

If ever there was a talk to motivate those ‘back-seat’ designers, this was it. If you  have an idea, a can-do attitude and a little spare energy, Sarah and Riut are living proof now is the time to do it. All the tools you need are already out there enabling you to develop, prototype, produce and launch the product(s) of your imagination.

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