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Commuting: what it's really like (survey number two)

Get yer survey here Thanks to everyone who took the first survey. This is survey number two. I'm asking commuters to complete mini surveys in the coming months. Why? Because I'm designing a new rucksack for all urban commuters. It will be called the Riut bag.

To help shape prototype number one, please complete this mini survey, share it and like it if you can. Am I going to take your details and bombard you with emails? No! I'm only interested in finding out how you commute in reality so I can design the best possible rucksack for you.

Commuting facts from first survey:

1) 91% of commuters travel alone to work

2) The most popular item of luggage on the commute is the rucksack, used by 46% of commuters, followed closely by the hand bag, used by 45%

4) 20% of people have over £1K of monetary value in their bag on their commute. Don't believe me? 75% have a smart phone, 11% a SECOND smartphone and a very small percentage also have a second laptop with them. Those people's rucksacks tip into the £3k+ category.

This survey is available to take today and will remain open for anyone, anytime, anywhere. Thank you!