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Best laptop backpack for travel 2016? [Video] Commute and travel with RiutBag, safe backpack

Backpacks are fantastic. They are useful, they carry huge amounts, evenly distributed over our shoulders, whilst keeping our hands totally free :) But now it's time for us to ask for more from our backpacks because we are carrying expensive technology which access masses of personal and business data, important items such as our passport, smartphone, wallet, camera and all the things we want to keep on us and just never lose. And, we travel a lot in ever busier cities.

I don't just want you to hope your belongings are safe, I want you to know they are safe. That's why I created the award winning RiutBag: a backwards backpack which cannot be opened by anyone but you. And now, thanks to all the RiutBag users' thinking, I am shaping RiutBags to keep meeting the challenges of the commute, air travel and travel through busy towns and cities.

RiutBag is A'Design 2016 platinum award winner for travel design. Check out this video to see if you've got everything you need for comfortable, safe city travel:


What's the best backpack for travellers and commuters? One that provides on the go access to phone/passport/keys, has an anti-abrasive and waterproof base material, waterproof Cordura outer shell, cushioned 15" laptop holder, trolley suitcase strap, comfortable handle, reflective bands, chest strap - adjustable and removable, like the RiutBag.