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Best backpack for air travel 2016. RiutBag: secure, smart, simple

Best backpack for air travel? Best safe backpack? RiutBag opens backwards so you feel totally secure travelling globally and through busy airports.

See the video for real airport experience with RiutBag R15. At airport security your laptop can be quickly removed and stowed. The top pocket is useful for holding on board liquids and, most importantly, the D-pocket lets you easily access your passport on the go. All RiutBags are carry on size, even for the strictest airlines. RiutBag R10 and R15 fit under the seat in front for a quick get away. 

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RiutBag is the secure backwards backpack. It was designed and brought to life by over 2,500 Kickstarter backers in 2014-2015. Join the rucksack revolution and share with people you think could benefit if you think it's a good idea.