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All about that base: laptop backpacks that protect our tech #gobackwards

For many of us, we travel with our offices on our back. Tablet, phone, external hard drive and, still relied on by so many of us, the laptop.

When your laptop is in your backpack the last thing you want it hear is it grinding into the gravel beneath your feet. It's a sound Sarah Giblin, RiutBag designer, knows all too well from previous backpacks. Here, she shows us her old backpack, the weaknesses in the design and how she answered those weaknesses in her secure backwards laptop backpack RiutBag R10, R15 and R25. 

RiutBag laptop backpacks are built to keep your belongings safe when they're on your back and when you put them down in any weather.

Maximum laptop dimensions for RiutBag laptop models: 

RiutBag R10 (10 litre slim): 35cm x 24.5cm x 3cm (14 inches x 9.6 inch x 1.18 inch)

RiutBag R15 (15 litre daypack): 35cm x 24.5cm x 3cm (14 inches x 9.6 inch x 1.18 inch)

RiutBag R25 (25 litre max carry-on): 38cm x 25cm x 3.5cm (14.9 inches x 9.8 inch x 1.37 inch)