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A wise friend once said...

Some people utter sentences worth remembering. MS is one of those. A few years back MS said this: if you want to do something, save up, make time for it and do it. Very simple. And fantastically effective if you actually do it. Of course, you need to work out the amount of savings and time you need need and work appropriately. So that's exactly what I did.

I had an idea two years ago. It's a rucksack design that I think makes a bit more sense for the urban commuter. I saved up for the last two years and today was the first day working for my new company Riut.

I saw many thing todays. These threads:


New fabrics:


Many footed machinery:


Towering boxes:


So simple. Yet, this is the stuff of dreams, MS. I took a big step towards doing something I really want to do that I think will make the world better. Thank you for uttering those words.

Anyone can have a revolution in user thinking. What will yours be?