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1000 RiutBags' journey from China to England - 30 days by sea

1000 RiutBags are nearing their final 7 days on board a large ship from China. I'll be counting down to the moment they reach England and are posted out to Kickstarter backers + Riut's first customers.

This time last year only the idea of the RiutBag existed. It was prototyped in September 2014, funded on Kickstarter in October and November 2014 by over 1000 backers, then started production in January 2015. Now, they are REAL and nearly ready to hit the backs of their users.

The RiutBag has no outer zips. They are all against your back for safe, calm city travel. It holds a 15" laptop, A4 documents, has 20 litres of space and a quick access pocket for your wallet, phone, passport and keys. 

First edition RiutBag is only available to order until 20 May 2015. Tell your friends or order one for yourself if you think you'd benefit from greater peace of mind on city travel. 

Join the rucksack revolution! Be an early adopter of the RiutBag, use the RiutBag and help spread the word c: