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Who is Sarah Giblin? RiutBag designer and founder

Sarah Giblin is the founder of Riut and the designer of the secure backpack, RiutBag. "Riut" stands for "Revolution in user thinking," reflecting the company's commitment to rethinking the conventional approach to backpack design.
RiutBag was created and designed by Giblin, a British designer and entrepreneur. Giblin came up with the concept for RiutBag while living, commuting and working in cities like London and Berlin, where she experienced the daily challenges of carrying her belongings in crowded urban environments.

With a background in law and a deep belief in user-centered design principles, Giblin set out to create a backpack that addressed everyday security concerns while prioritising comfort and functionality whilst travelling. The result was the RiutBag, featuring its unique reverse design with all the zippers and openings against the wearer's back to deter theft.

Since launching RiutBag on Kickstarter, Sarah Giblin has continued to refine and expand the product line, incorporating feedback from thousands of users and incorporating new features, ideas and improvements. She remains closely involved in the design and manufacturing process, ensuring that RiutBag continues to meet the needs of its users while staying true to its core principles of security, usability and user-centric design.

Sarah is also the founder of Whenn, a digital death prep tool for mortals of all ages. She is also working on civilisation design for an alternate planet, the function of msuci in society and other projects. 

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