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Meet the RiutBag creator in 2020

I'm Sarah Giblin. Learning how RiutBag users really travel is how I make RiutBags. Rather than surveys, this year, I'm breaking down the digital wall between us and I'm coming meet RiutBag you in person, thank you for supporting my designs and hear from you direct how you really travel.

If you'd like to meet me, the creator of your RiutBag, and share your experience travelling with it with other travellers, let me know here:

Fill in this form:

I'd love to meet a wide range of RiutBag users - people who travel by motorbike, moped, bike, foot, plane, public transport or boat, people with a wide range of backgrounds and reasons for using the RiutBag. I'd love to interview you, see how you pack your RiutBag, what's in yours and document our visit with photos and video.


Maybe see you soon! Until then, wishing you safe and successful travels!

Kind regards

Sarah Giblin

RiutBag designer