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Kickstarter projects planned for 2020

New Kickstarter campaign for RiutBag+ now live

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With three successfully funded Kickstarter campaigns under my belt, I'm really excited to share three Kickstarter projects in different stages. I'm working on three projects which I plan to launch for you this year in 2020. In the light of the corona virus, I will be changing my plans accordingly.



Two Word Project: Kickstarter April 2020

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I've spent the last 6 years designing every millimetre of highly functional and durable RiutBags in large-scale international productions with the aim of helping travellers live and move positively and confidently. Once a year, from now on, I'm going to take some time out from my product design work to concentrate on a totally different kind of project, but one which still has the same aims. This project will be different to my usual creations in that it will celebrate physical, slow, non-digital spaces, space and the physicality of handwriting. It will combine elements of work, discipline and touch. And most importantly, the ability to make space for something truly important to you. More on this soon.  



Cycle Safety product: Kickstarter

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2020 will see my first non-backpack Kickstarter project. I'm working on a low-tech cyclist safety product. It's about effective visibility on the road at night in the summer and winter. As a cyclist and car driver, I know the challenges of cyclist visibility. I'd love to have the input of real cyclists as I work a this new product. Please take and share my cycle safe 2020 survey so I make sure I make something that really makes sense for cyclists.




New everyday carry laptop backpack Kickstarter

My quest to develop serious travel backpacks which make sense for the real challenges of urban life is not over. Since 2015, when the first production of RiutBags starting being used by travellers, I've taken feedback from every generation of new RiutBag users. Because I've worked with feedback from thousands of RiutBag users, the designs have developed far beyond what one person could create. I'm so grateful to every traveller who has helped me! It's time to create the new RiutBag. I'm prototyping now and there will be a new survey going out to all RiutBag users for feedback and what doesn't work for you and what really does. So watch this space and sign up if you want to hear when the project launches.