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#2: Preparation. Spontaneity. Change.

Preparation. Spontaneity. Change.

21 February 2024

You never know what might happen today. If in doubt, take an empty backpack with you.

Preparation might mean having things planned in detail. But it's also being able to handle the day - with its extraordinary potential to surprise us - as it comes. So being prepared really means having a sense of what to do when it doesn’t go to plan.

Travelling with Google Maps and CityMappers, trips are timed to the minute. My journeys seem so rigidly planned, I forget I can change them. Next time I get talking to someone on the train, maybe it’s worth going for a coffee, or taking a different route home, to continue a spontaneous and intriguing conversation.

When the weather changes, there's a joy to reaching for your raincoat stuffed in one bottle holder, and your bag's raincover from the other.

How can you make space for things not to go to plan this week? 

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Sarah is the creator of secure city travel backpack, RiutBag: backwards backpack for greater journeys. (p.s. She also makes death prep tool, Whenn, for mortals of all ages.)

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