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Social business karma: give a little and gain the unexpected

Guy Kawasaki, Apple's software evangelist (yes, they really had those) in the 1980s, reckons that a winning business person is one who masters the art of being a mensch. A mensch is a Yiddish term for a person who is ethical, decent and admirable. Be a mensch! Take and share the survey

You could try becoming a mensch by helping those you hope will help you in the future. Whilst some find even this tricky, this isn't what's going to get you the real mensch points. To do that, you're going to have a find a whole new level: helping people who cannot help you. Linkedin gasp! Don't worry, they may pay back the favour one day. It'll just be unexpected.

So here's your chance. Try it out Linkedin:

Like, share, comment and - most of all - complete this survey. I'm a startup redesigning the rucksack for commuters and city travellers just like you. Influence size, colour, look and cost with 5 minutes of your time.

Please help me by adding your voice to the crowd. I'm aiming for 5000 respondents to help make sure I make the right rucksack.

Thank you for your help. You never know when someone will choose to be a mensch to you.